Performance Research Volume 22 Issue 2

Turning Animal

Issue editors: Nicolas Salazar Sutil

ISSN: 1352-8165 (2017) 22:2

Against a recent World Wildlife Fund report, claiming that by 2020 almost two thirds of animal species in the world will be extinct, Turning Animal raises a number of urgent critical questions concerning the timeless problem of categorizing the human in opposition to the animal. Drawing on a recent turn within the posthumanities that problematizes the humanist distinction of the animal as ‘other’, this issue considers how performance studies has embraced the possibilities of ‘animal becoming’, in a conceptual sense as well as the act of ‘turning animal’ in a more material and performative sense. With contributions coming from a variety of critical perspectives, as well as a wide array of geographic and species-specific contexts, this issue urges us to consider how, in the face of a ‘sixth mass extinction’, our condition as human earthling is ecologically bound to earthly life of all shapes and sizes.

Jism for Schism : Turning the animal on

Nicolás Salazar Sutil

pp. 1 - 7


Agata Kawa

pp. 8 - 12

Passing Strange : Becoming Daimon

Anthony Kubiak

pp. 13 - 19

Wear Qisi-Become Seal

Kevin O'Connor, Duskin Drum, Paulette Metuq

pp. 20 - 26

It is a Sad Penguin

Duskin Drum

pp. 27 - 30

Turning Homo Apis : From specio-mimetic performance to bio-concrete form

Michael Bianco

pp. 31 - 39

Be More Dog : The human–canine relationship in contemporary dog-training methodologies

Justyna Wlodarczyk

pp. 40 - 47

Eyes to See Nobody

Ruth Gibson

pp. 48 - 53

Girls ’R’ Pets : The power of Kawaii Shôjo (Cute Girl) and Pet/Girl performance

Katherine Mezur

pp. 54 - 62

Goats, Badgers and Other Beasts : Turning animal and performing the limits of the human

Lourdes Orozco, Jennifer Parker-Starbuck

pp. 63 - 68

Becoming with Sheep – and with multiple others

Charlotte Grum

pp. 69 - 73

‘We keep our biologies intimate’ : Zoedramatics in bio/interspecies performance

Eve Katsouraki

pp. 74 - 86

Species-beings, Human Animals and New Neighbours : Non-human and inhuman in contemporary performance

Esa Kirkkopelto

pp. 87 - 96

How to Become an Animal DANCING

Martin Nachbar

pp. 97 - 97

As if Not Human : Practising boredom in the arts

Hanne Seitz

pp. 98 - 106

The Post-Human Masquerade of Diseased Meat : Performing zoonosis in Deborah Levy’s Diary of a Steak

Rosemary Deller

pp. 107 - 114

In/valuable Hare’s Blood : Performing with living relics of animals

Klaus Spiess, Lucie Strecker

pp. 115 - 122

Only Cyborgs and Cockroaches

Aneta Stojnić

pp. 123 - 128

Notes on Contributors

pp. 129 - 130