Performance Research Volume 22 Issue 7

On Taste

Issue editors: Joshua Abrams & Richard Gough

ISSN: 1352-8165 (2017) 22:7

Taking as a challenge the proverb that there is no disputing about taste, ‘De gustibus non est disputandum’, On Taste brings together a variety of contributors to examine notions of gustatory taste in relation to performance and performativity. Ranging across historical cookbooks, contemporary performance art, home cooking and restaurant dining as well as across varied cultures from throughout the world, the articles in this issue upend relationships of the aesthetics of sense and sensibility, as a means of understanding varying practices through embodied cognition, asking questions about what epistemologies of understanding might gain from a serious contemplation of taste as and in performance.

Menu Dégustation – We insist the entire table participates : An introduction to On Taste

Joshua Abrams, Richard Gough

pp. 1 - 5

Devouring Theatre : After taste

Richard Gough

pp. 6 - 28

Dancing on the Tongue

Erin B. Mee

pp. 29 - 34

Eating Miss Julie : A Tasteful Account of Degustation and Performance

Kristin Hunt

pp. 35 - 43

Taste, Performed : M. Clavel and the Live Feed

Edward Whittall

pp. 44 - 47

Transformative Taste-Encounters : Contemplations on life, death and relational bodies at the (culinary) artist’s table

Jenny Lawson

pp. 48 - 56

Acts of Communion : Encountering taste in Reckless Sleepers’ The Last Supper

Michael Pinchbeck, Andrew Westerside

pp. 57 - 66

Tasting Celebrity : Gustatory Favourites of Celebrated Actor Folk

Ann Folino White

pp. 67 - 74

‘What Do You Taste Like?’ : Experiencing the other through the mouth

Paul Geary

pp. 75 - 81

Sweet and Sour and Super-t-Art : The conflation of gustatory and sexual appetites in Hannah Wilke’s art practice

Emily Elizabeth Goodman

pp. 82 - 91

Beyond Taste : Daniel Spoerri’s art of feasting

Dorota Koczanowicz

pp. 92 - 99

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Honey & Bunny

pp. 100 - 101

Eating Art and the Art of Eating : Unsettling the practices of taste

Laura Colebrooke, Mara Miele

pp. 102 - 108

The Chemical Senses in Art : Thinking beyond aesthetics

Ryan Bromley

pp. 109 - 118

In Bad Taste? Vomit and disgust in Paul McCarthy’s performances of the 1970s

Harriet Curtis

pp. 119 - 125

Kimchi and Other Others : kate-hers RHEE’s food performance in contemporary Berlin

Lily Kelting

pp. 126 - 133

Poetics and Pâtisserie : Multilayered performances of croissants

Rachel Hopkin

pp. 134 - 140

The Taste of Money (artists’ pages)


pp. 141 - 147

The Haram Halal of Food and Art in Pakistan

Hurmat Ul Ain

pp. 148 - 152

Trumping Taste : On the gustatory and the rise of the post-factual

Joshua Abrams

pp. 148 - 152

Outsider Art and Dominant Taste (review)

Junia Miranda Carvalho

pp. 162 - 164

Notes on Contributors

pp. 165 - 166