Performance Research Volume 21 Issue 6

On Radical Education

Issue editors: Ric Allsopp and Michael Hiltbrunner

ISSN: 1352-8165 (2016) 21:6

What is happening to art school and arts education? The twentieth century saw a series of radical shifts in approaches to arts education and research that responded to a growing sense of crisis both in the purpose of art and design, performing arts education and, more broadly, the role of the arts in society. In the twenty-first century what has changed in approaches to radical, innovative arts education and research and what might such education and research look like for the future? Focusing on experimental forerunners as well as recent radical approaches to arts education today, the issue opens perspectives on future possibilities and directions for arts education.The issue includes contributions from Europe, the Americas and Asia on radical histories, politics and theories, new schools and initiatives, pedagogies and poetics of arts education.


Ric Allsopp, Michael Hiltbrunner

pp. 1 - 4

Writing Letters

Hayley Newman

pp. 5 - 6

Allan Kaprow’s Radical Pedagogy

Chay Allen

pp. 7 - 12

A School Made of Acts : The School of Valparaiso and the Open City of Amereida, Chile

Oscar Andrade Castro, Jaime Reyes Gil

pp. 13 - 17

Staging Professionalization : Lecture-performances and para-institutional pedagogies, from the postwar to the present

Mashinka Firunts

pp. 19 - 25

Doris Stauffer’s Hexenkurs [Witches Course] : Feminist role-playing in the late 1970s

Mara Züst, Simone Koller

pp. 26 - 28

The Educational Turn in Art : Rewriting the hidden curriculum

Janna Graham, Valeria Graziano, Susan Kelly

pp. 29 - 35

Politics Practice Pedagogy Art

Rob Gawthrop

pp. 37 - 43

Trans-forming Higher Education : Towards posthumanist strategies of teaching and learning

Annouchka C. Bayley

pp. 44 - 49

Opening Interstitial Distances in the Neoliberal University and Art School

Emma Mahony

pp. 51 - 56

A Politics of Knowledge in Contemporary Art?

Tom Holert

pp. 57 - 62

Reflections from a Matt Surface : On fine arts education in Turkey

Kutlu Gürelli

pp. 63 - 70

Moving from an Artist-led Practice into Self-emerging Educational Approaches

Carla Fernandes, Stephan Jürgens

pp. 71 - 77

Play, Process, and the Unknown : Towards an embodiment of thought at The School of Making Thinking

Michelle Bentsman, Aaron Finbloom, Mollie McKinley, Sophie Traub, Sophie Traub

pp. 79 - 86

Viral Institute of Performance Architecture

Aliki Kylika, Kyveli Anastasiadi

pp. 87 - 93

Launching the Poetry of My Body with the Tootsies of my Brain (Thoughts about a new MFA concept)

Wolfgang Mayer, Cristina Gómez Barrio

pp. 95 - 97

Growing Together : Emancipatory lessons from North Korean defectors’ art education in South Korea

Shin Eun Kyoung

pp. 98 - 102

other classrooms

Chantal Küng, Lukas Kreuzer

pp. 103 - 105

How Do You Write a Risk Assessment for Lips of Thomas?

Matthew Cornford

pp. 107 - 112

Rethinking Privacy : Contemporary practices of student documentation and distribution

Robin Deacon

pp. 114 - 119

(Self-)Confrontation : Making a pleonasm out of art school

Vojtech Novák, Andrew Jan Hauner

pp. 120 - 125

Thinking towards a Queer Art Education through Collective Practices in Performance

Bernadett Settele

pp. 127 - 132

Stirred Fluids, Bodies Unshaken

Enrico Dau Yang Wey

pp. 133 - 136

Remaking Memory: Autoethnography, memoir and the ethics of self (review)

Hilary Elliott

pp. 138 - 139

Notes on Contributors

pp. 140 - 142