Performance Research Volume 21 Issue 4

On Game Structures

Issue editors: Mathias Fuchs and Natasha Lushetich

ISSN: 1352-8165 (2016) 21:4

On Game Structures is an interdisciplinary platform for querying the logic of artistic, epistemological and economic moves and strategies. In art, science and philosophy, as in social praxis, every position is always an intersection of past moves.  And every new move, in turn, alters the existing structure by altering the relationship between the structure’s constituent elements: time, space, rules, goals, and modes of interaction. This dynamic interpenetration of play – as emergent activity – and games – as coagulated structure – is, in this issue, explored in scholarly and artistic ways. Examples of the hybrid tropes the contributors engage with are liminoid social rites, playbour (the neoliberal fusion of play and labour), mathematical-musical recursion, Taqiyyah (the Islamic jurisprudence which embroils truth and falsity), porn-sports, and phantasmal ludicity.


Natasha Lushetich, Mathias Fuchs

pp. 1 - 7

A Game without Rules

Ken Friedman

pp. 9 - 19

Recursive Game Structures as Emergent Post‑capitalist Creative Strategies

Piotr Woycicki

pp. 20 - 25

The Ludic Logic of Tragedy

Freddie Rokem

pp. 26 - 33

The Agonistic Objectification : Choreography as a play between abundance and lack

Goran Petrović-Lotina

pp. 34 - 40

Playing with Constraint : Performing the OuLiPo and the clinamen-performer

Oliver Bray

pp. 41 - 46

How Philidor Helped Rousseau Judge Jean‑Jacques : The narrative grammar of chess in Rousseau’s Dialogues

Florian Vauléon

pp. 47 - 52

Liminoid Invitations and Liminoid Acts : The role of ludic strategies and tropes in immersive and micro-performance dramaturgies

Joanna Bucknall

pp. 53 - 59

Butoh Translations and the Suffering of Nature

Sondra Fraleigh

pp. 61 - 71

Worker : The iteration game or coming out of the eternal return

Barbara Roland

pp. 72 - 77

That Obscure Object of Desire : John Nash and the general theory of the second best

Abhay Ghiara, Matthew Goulish

pp. 78 - 86

Philosophy becoming Para-Textual : Plato’s Phaedrus, a memory pharmacy

Aaron Finbloom

pp. 87 - 94

Alternative Trajectories : Structuring play through videogame physics engines

Conor McKeown

pp. 95 - 99

lude et labora : Notes on gamification at work

Vicenzo Idone Cassone

pp. 101 - 107

Phantasms of Computability

Markus Rautzenberg, Mathias Fuchs

pp. 108 - 112

Taqiyyah, Language and Game : On Lawrence Abu Hamdan’s Contra Diction: Speech against itself

Mi You

pp. 113 - 121

Language and Worldviews

Peter Hewitt

pp. 122 - 130

A Collaborative Game

matthews & allen

pp. 131 - 133

Holy Corners Golf Club (2010–14) : Golf balling as foreplay

Gabriella Daris

pp. 134 - 136

World Factory

Zoë Svendsen

pp. 137 - 139

Considering Performance as Biopolitical Critique (review)

Luna Dolezal

pp. 140 - 141

Schooling the Spectator in O (review)

Kristen Cochrane

pp. 142 - 144

Notes on Contributors

pp. 145 - 146