Performance Research Volume 20 Issue 1

On Poetics and Performance

Issue editors: Ric Allsopp & Kristen Kreider

ISSN: 1352-8165 (2015) 20:1

On Poetics and Performance concerns itself with ‘poiesis’, or acts of making and giving form to the interplay of material and immaterial content: a poetics of dance and choreography, of theatre and performance art, of writing and poetry, of architecture and painting. More than simply a method of classification and categorization, poetics thus looks towards and draws on a wide range of resources, intuitions and techniques, and produces a kind of double-helix that interweaves the conventional and methodological with the radical and experimental. It positions poetics and poiesis in relation to the contexts and discourses of contemporary culture, in relation to expanded and open concepts of a poetics of performance and performance-making and in relation to an expanded view of what ‘poetics’ might mean now as a generative, productive or even possibly redundant term.

To Step, Leap, Fly : On poetics and performance

Ric Allsopp, Kristen Kreider

pp. 1 - 3

Some Notes on Poetics and Choreography

Ric Allsopp

pp. 4 - 12


Peter Jaeger

pp. 13 - 17

The New Arachne : Towards a poetics of dynamic forms

Boyan Manchev

pp. 18 - 26

Poetics of Spotting Rainbows : Towards a theory of iritics

Jungmin Song

pp. 27 - 35

Fictive Museums and the Poetics of Mislabelling

Peter Le Couteur

pp. 36 - 47

Συνίστασθαι and Performing Skies : Towards an alternative Aristotelian poetics

Penny Newell

pp. 48 - 55

Towards an Embodied Poetics of Failure : Some sideway glances on violence and trauma in Needcompany’s Marketplace 76

Christel Stalpaert

pp. 56 - 71

The Poetics of Performance Knowledge

Fred McVittie

pp. 72 - 77

‘The Body Pulled’ [artist’s pages]

Naoko Takahashi

pp. 78 - 79

Material Poetics and the ‘Communication Event’ : A theory and critical framework for artworks at a crossover between poetry and text-based art

Kristen Kreider

pp. 80 - 89

‘Open City’ [artists’ pages]

Kreider + O’leary

pp. 90 - 95

Towards a Poiesis of Critical Practice: : 1000th LIVE and the politics of appearance

Diana Damian Martin

pp. 96 - 104

Dog Sniff Dog : Materialist poetics and the politics of ‘the Viewpoints’

Tony Perucci

pp. 105 - 112

Poetics and (Mis)representation : Creating theatre with/for/about ex-militants in Kashmir

Nandita Dinesh

pp. 113 - 122

Fiesta Performance as Epistemology

Angela Marino, Manuel Cuellar

pp. 123 - 135

Fair Play: Art, performance and neoliberalism (review)

Janelle Reinelt

pp. 136 - 139

Notes on Contributors

pp. 140 - 141