Performance Research Volume 19 Issue 6

On Rupture

Issue editors: Peter Eckersall and Helena Grehan

ISSN: 1352-8165 (2014) 19:6

On Rupture explores performances and contexts of art that create points of contestation, imaginative realignments and diversionary tactics. It negotiates politics and its relationship to performance studies and considers how this relationship might be strengthened by positing new modes of thinking and practice as well as reassessing radical histories and ideas.  The issue features critical and performative writing and documentation of recent performances and civic protests.  Responding to the neo-liberal tendency to value art only as a manifestation of a history and narrative of social/economic productivity On Rupture is an argument for art as a multidirectional presence, given to producing ruptures and therefore able to confront the flattening out of the political in a post-political landscape.

On Rupture

Peter Eckersall, Helena Grehan

pp. 1 - 4

Fissure(s) : Walking/dancing along, across and in-between lines of difference

Holger Hartung

pp. 5 - 14

An Unresolvable Dramaturgy : Dennis Del Favero’s Todtnauberg and what it means to respond

Helena Grehan

pp. 15 - 21

After the Rupture : Restoration or revolution?

Thea Brejzek, Peter Falkenberg

pp. 22 - 29

The Economics of the Performative Audience

Jessica Santone

pp. 30 - 36

Images that Sense Us : Performing visual culture in Jane Korman’s Miss World Peace

Bryoni Trezise

pp. 37 - 45

CARRIAGE notes [artist’s pages]

Mick Douglas

pp. 46 - 53

The Occupying Spectator : Audio-visual ruptures in performative representations of Israeli–Palestinian encounters

Ruthie Abeliovich

pp. 54 - 63

On Resonance in Contemporary Site-Specific Projection Art

Shana MacDonald

pp. 64 - 70

Responding to Rupture : Kids Killing Kids

Asher Warren

pp. 71 - 77

The Art of Lawlessness : by the Institute for Live Arts Research |Π|

Gigi Argyropoulou, Konstantina Georgelou, Vassilis Noulas, Natasha Siouzouli, Natasha Siouzouli, Manolis Tsipos, Eva Fotiadi

pp. 78 - 80

On Resistance through Ruptures and the Rupture of Resistances : in Tino Sehgal’s These Associations

Katerina Paramana

pp. 81 - 89

How to Do Things with Performance Art

Edward Scheer

pp. 90 - 98

Disrupting Technological Privilege : The 2013–14 San Francisco Google bus protests

Abigail De Kosnik

pp. 99 - 107

Embodied Historiography : Rupture as the performance of history

Boyd Branch, Erika Hughes

pp. 108 - 115

How Occupy challenged the political imagination (review)

Kirsten Forkert

pp. 116 - 117

Performativity of Time, Movement and Voice in Idle No More

Selena Couture

pp. 118 - 120

Notes on Contributors

pp. 121 - 122