Performance Research Volume 19 Issue 4

On Medicine

Issue editors: Gianna Bouchard & Martin O'Brien

ISSN: 1352-8165 (2014) 19:4

On Medicine explores the complex and vibrant relationship between medicine and performance. As a specific branch of science, medicine is sometimes overlooked in wider discussions about the interface between art and science, and so this issue seeks to re-dress this balance through examining the connections, dialogues and dissonances between medicine and performance. Via a necessarily interdisciplinary approach, the issue interrogates various modes of performance that engage with the histories, practices and discourse of medicine. In reflecting on medical contexts and approaches, it addresses the potential of performance and its modes of analysis to intervene in and extend vital debates around medical knowledge and practice, to enhance its understanding, and to offer a site of resistance and challenge to its influence and dominance. With contributions from artists, medical practitioners, patients and scholars, On Medicine considers the performance of medicine and medical performance across a diverse range of examples and histories.

Editorial : On Medicine

Martin O'Brien, Gianna Bouchard

pp. 1 - 5

Performance and the Hidden Curriculum in Medicine

Gretchen A. Case

pp. 6 - 13

Performance as Evidence in Chronic Disease : Measuring health status and treatment outcomes through the quantification of performance

Arseli Dokumacı

pp. 14 - 24

Birth Story

Lena Šimić

pp. 25 - 30

Clod Ensemble : Performing Medicine

Suzy Willson

pp. 31 - 37

Spitparty : DNA imaging and aesthetic mimicry

Klaus Spiess, Lucie Strecker

pp. 38 - 44

Exploring the Biomedical Paradigm in the Work of Jan Fabre

Nathalie Roussel, Ann Hallemans, Jonas Rutgeerts, Jan Gielen, Jan Gielen, Luk van den Dries

pp. 45 - 53

Performing Chronic : Chronic illness and endurance art

Martin O'Brien

pp. 54 - 63

The Politics of Intimate Medical Performances Ive Tabar’s body-art performances : El-en-i and Acceptio

Tomaž Krpič

pp. 64 - 73

The Dissector’s Cut, the Wound and the Orifice : Seeing Ron Athey’s performances through a cultural anatomy of the vagina

Julia R. Gallego

pp. 74 - 84

The Art of Kira O’Reilly

Kira O'Reilly

pp. 85 - 87

Music is Disease : Spectating cancer blogs

Brian Lobel

pp. 88 - 96

Counternarratives of Breast Cancer and Chronic Illness : Performing disruption, patienthood and narrative repair

Emilia Nielsen

pp. 97 - 106

Preparing for Ghosts : Anatomy that haunts

Joanne 'Bob' Whalley

pp. 107 - 110

Two Venuses : Historicizing the anatomical female body

Kara Reilly

pp. 111 - 121

In the Museum of the Mobile Anatomy Show

David Francis

pp. 122 - 132

Performing the Body, Deforming the Book Galerie de Difformité

Gretchen E. Henderson

pp. 133 - 136

Disability Culture and Performance: Rhizomes and re-embodiments in the work of Petra Kuppers (review)

Kirsty Johnston

pp. 137 - 140

The Complex Politics of Care: Needs and interests, norms and desires (review)

Bree Hadley

pp. 141 - 144

Notes on Contributors

pp. 145 - 146