Performance Research Volume 18 Issue 1

On Fire

Issue editors: Richard Gough

ISSN: 1352-8165 (2013) 18:1

From the grand spectacle of fire to the radiant incandescence of an actor’s energy, from the choreography of fireworks to the wild torchlight processions and rituals of burning effigies, from the conflagration of theatres (recurrent throughout history) to the ‘victim burnt at the stake, signalling through the flames’. This issue wishes to explore the elemental, creative and destructive force of fire (its assignations and allegiances, dalliances and collusion) with performance – at once transformative, celebratory, purifying, cathartic, and catastrophic.


Richard Gough

pp. 1 - 8

Burning Bodies: Transformation and fire

Richard Gough

pp. 9 - 23

That Which Burns : A meditation on fire, allegory and competitive telekinesis

Ted Hiebert

pp. 24 - 31

In Praise of Fire

Eugenio Barba

pp. 32 - 35

The Arabian Phoenix Goes to the Theatre

Nicola Savarese

pp. 36 - 55

‘Belle Horreur’ : Hubert Robert’s scenic space and the Paris Opéra fire of 1781

Pannill Camp

pp. 56 - 63

Kate Claxton, Fire Jinx : The aftermath of the Brooklyn Theatre fire

J. K. Curry

pp. 64 - 69

Thirteen fragments of life and death : Gandhian economics and a hoop of fire

Abhay Ghiara

pp. 70 - 76

Badiou’s Spectator-Subject and Fireworks Politics

Fred Dalmasso

pp. 77 - 83

Horse-breaking and Walking on Fire a Performance Document

Daviel Shy

pp. 84 - 85

Playing with (The Erotics of) Fire in Circus Performance : The Circus of Horrors

Zoe Barltrop

pp. 86 - 94

‘The Anarchy of the Theatrical Moment’ : A profile of The Pyromantiker

Bronwyn Tweddle

pp. 95 - 103


Rudy Lemcke

pp. 104 - 104

Proving Grounds : Live fire, starfish and incendiaries

Greer Crawley

pp. 105 - 112

Phoenix Rising : The culture of fire at the Burning Man Festival

Rachel Bowditch

pp. 113 - 122

Flying Sparks

Christel Weiler

pp. 123 - 126

Visual Impulse : Contemplating voices on fire

Zekiye Sarikartal, Nilüfer Ovalıoğlu

pp. 127 - 135

Fire and the development from unmanifest to manifest creation

Daniel Meyer-Dinkgräfe

pp. 136 - 138

Outsider Theatre : A journey through Back to Back’s Hell House

Theron Schmidt

pp. 139 - 148

Volatile Materials in Image Making : The appeal of fire and explosives in the 20th and 21st century, using the work of Stephen Cripps as a point of articulation

pp. 149 - 157

Review: ‘Playing Indian’: Art, aboriginality, and the politics of identification

Claudette Lauzon

pp. 158 - 161

Review: Seeing Differently: A history and theory of identification and the visual arts

Sarah Gorman

pp. 162 - 164

Notes on Contributors

pp. 165 - 166