Performance Research Volume 14 Issue 4


Issue editors: Ric Allsopp & Phillip Warnell

ISBN: 978-0-415-55681

The 50th issue of Performance Research raises a number of approaches to how we might consider the notion of transplantation traversing medical, biological, horticultural, socio-cultural, post-colonial, philosophical and linguistic perspectives and practices. It explores the borders and peripheries of performance, and the cultural, ethical and artistic implications of the uses and increasing prevalence of transplantation procedures. Transplantations includes contributions on body transfers, foreign bodies, male pregnancy as strategic engagement, golems, poisoned arrows, disembodied geographies, trance and violence, bio-art, tattoos and identities, clown prosthetics, cultural transplantations, biomedical accidents, ‘decisive transfusions’, and skinned bodies, from theorists, scholars, practitioners, artists and a cartoonist. Our 50th issue celebrates and surveys the boundaries of performance research and its intersections with physical, fictive, virtual, and viral sites of transformation, translation and transplantation, as we move further into twenty-first century understandings, modes of being and ways of living together.


Ric Allsopp

pp. 1 - 3


Ric Allsopp

pp. 131 - 132

Life-like: An organ in search of a body

Phillip Warnell

pp. 4 - 10

The Medical Museion, Copenhagen

pp. 11

[artists pages] Transplant

Jean-Luc Nancy, Phillip Warnell, Ric Allsopp

pp. 12 - 18

Body Transfers

Lesley A. Sharp

pp. 19 - 24

Man as Hospitable Space: The male pregnancy project

Irina Aristarkhova

pp. 25 - 30

[artists pages] Ontologically Anxious Organism let me feel your finger first

pp. 31 - 34

The Medical Museion, Copenhagen

pp. 35

Going Viral: Live performance and documentation in the science laboratory

Tagny Duff

pp. 36 - 44

Emblems of Durability: Tattoos, preserves and photographs

Mechthild Fend

pp. 45 - 52

The Portable Clinic: Keeping track of the healthy body

Jan Eric Olsén

pp. 53 - 57

The Medical Museion, Copenhagen

pp. 58 - 59

The Body Skinned: Rethinking performative presence

Franziska Schroeder

pp. 60 - 64

[artists pages] self awareness and the vehicle air

Rita Roberto

pp. 65 - 68

Who is in Pain? The transforming of symbol in performances of Marina Abramovic´

Yu-Chien Wu

pp. 69 - 73

Disembodied Landscapes

Francesca Veronesi, Petra Gemeinboeck

pp. 74 - 80

The Medical Museion, Copenhagen

pp. 81

[artists pages] Cool in the Celebes

Kevin Mount

pp. 82 - 87

The Culturally Transplanted and Displaced: The geographies of re-production of space and identity

Lanfranco Aceti

pp. 88 - 94

[artists pages] The Transplantation of the Fallopia Japonica

Stéphanie Nava

pp. 95 - 102

The Settlers

Peter Jaeger

pp. 103 - 108

The Medical Museion, Copenhagen

pp. 109

[artists pages] These Sandcastles

Zoë Mendelson

pp. 110 - 113

Clown Prosthetics and Amputations

Jon Davison

pp. 114 - 118

Antonin Artaud’s ‘decisive transfusion’: From theatre to mathematics

Nicolás Salazar Sutil

pp. 119 - 124

Overflowing Vessels

Natalia Theodoridou

pp. 125 - 128

Further Reading

pp. 129 - 130

Performance Research Reaches 50

Ric Allsopp, Richard Gough, Claire MacDonald

pp. 132 - 132

Notes on Contributors

pp. 133 - 134