Performance Research Volume 13 Issue 3


Issue editors: Claire MacDonald

ISBN: 978-0-415-49441

Congregation brings together writings about performance and religious practice – suggesting in its title a space in which voices gather. The question that Congregation asks is a simple one – how might looking at religion through the lens of performance, that is, through practice rather than belief, illuminate and better inform some of the ways we think about religion? At a time when religion has once again entered the public arena as a divisive and contentious subject, Congregation addresses the religious imagination – exploring how religious practice informs artistic practice. The issue covers a broad territory and many religious traditions, artistic and scholarly approaches, levels of engagement with religious practice and reflections on art, artists, pasts and futures.

Editorial: Come Together

Claire MacDonald

pp. 1 - 3

Sonorous map and Well at the whorl’s end [artists’ pages]

Norman Shaw

pp. 1

Body/Space/Worship: Performance theology and liturgical expressions of belief

Peter Civetta

pp. 5 - 17

Spectres of Exchange: Rights and resources in Loisaida liberation-theology passion play performance

Lara D. Nielsen

pp. 18 - 30

Ecstasy and Pain: The ritualistic dimensions of performance practice

Rina Arya

pp. 31 - 40

‘Secular Sacredness’ in the Ritual Theatre of Nicolás Núñez

Deborah Middleton

pp. 41 - 54

Liturgy and Mass Spectacle: The case of Catholic mass theatre in Flanders during the interwar period

Thomas Crombez

pp. 55 - 63

Bearing Witness to the (In)visible Activism and the Performance of Witness in Islamic Orthopraxy

Dominika Bennacer

pp. 64 - 76

Equal are the Maasai and God

Malcolm Floyd

pp. 77 - 88

Local Diasporas / Global Trajectories: New aspects of religious ‘performance’ in British Tamil Hindu practice

Ann David

pp. 89 - 99

The Rhetoric of Ritual: Transformation as revelation and congregational liturgical dance as performance theory

Claire Maria Chambers (Blackstock)

pp. 100 - 108

Avant-garde Poetry’s ‘New Spirit’ between Text and Performance: Congregating to disperse and re-member

Romana Huk

pp. 109 - 117

Become: Secret acts in the work of Kate Davis

Kirsten Norrie

pp. 118 - 122

A Mountain Communion [artists’ page]

Nathan Walker, Elanor Stannage

pp. 123 - 123

The Divine Spaces of Metaphysical Spectacle: Ruth St Denis and Denishawn Dance Theatre at Lewisohn Stadium, the esoteric model in American performance

Susan Tenneriello

pp. 124 - 138

Walking, Standing, Sitting Like a Duck: Three instances of invasive, reparative behaviour

Carol Becker

pp. 139 - 145

The Liturgical Lens

Megan Macdonald

pp. 146 - 153

Wholly Unholy: Religious iconography in Israeli art and performance

Sharon Aronson-Lehavi, Nissim Gal

pp. 154 - 162

Congregation and Performance: Experiential metaphysics in Hotel Pro Forma’s Operation: Orfeo and jesus_c_odd_size

Kim Skjoldager-Nielsen

pp. 163 - 175

The Drama of Liturgy and the Liturgy of Drama

Samuel Wells

pp. 176 - 183

Mouth to Mouth, Body and Blood: Self in congregation

Emily Anderson

pp. 184 - 187

Sonorous map and Well at the whorl’s end [artists’ pages]

Norman Shaw

pp. 188

Notes on Contributors

pp. 189 - 190