Performance Research Volume 11 Issue 1

Made to Order

Issue editors: Ric Allsopp

ISBN: 978-0-415-40589

Made to Order is the first issue in a volume devoted to keywords, lists and sequences. The issue considers ordering systems – encyclopaedias, lexicons, dictionaries, lists, stage directions – in relation to the histories, practices, theories and discourses of performance. It will be followed by a companion issue on indexes, and a further double issue devoted to exploring some of the keywords in the field of contemporary performance.


Ric Allsopp

pp. 1 - 2


Ric Allsopp

pp. 1 - 3

Performing the Order: The messiness of play

Pedro Rebelo, Franziska Schroeder

pp. 3 - 8

Asking for Trouble: Risk, ethics and perversion in contemporary performance art practice

Kirsten Hudson

pp. 9 - 20

Directing the Light Flux: Scripts for cellular movement

Margaret Fisher

pp. 21 - 26

The Library of Impending Decline

Eliza Neman-Saul

pp. 27 - 32

A Taxonomy on Its Toes

Phil Smith

pp. 33 - 39

Space, Signs and Artaud's Hieroglyphic Body

Elizabeth Heard

pp. 40 - 53

Re-received Ideas: A generative dictionary for research on research (Part 1)

Gwen Allen, Iain Kerr, Chris Thompson

pp. 54 - 55

Bride and Peacock [artist's pages]

Claudia Wegener

pp. 60 - 63

Computer Graphics: Tracing cybernetic flows

Stephen Turk

pp. 64 - 74

The Analysis of Infinitely Small Things: Research report

Institute for Infinitely Small Things

pp. 76 - 81

Directions for Leaving Various Marks (Part 1)

Michelle Tupko

pp. 82 - 87

Foregrounding Deconstruction: A handbook for a critical methodology of artwork

Linda Cassens Stoian

pp. 89 - 113

Book Review: Regimen

Claire MacDonald

pp. 114 - 115

Notes on Contributors

pp. 116 - 117