Performance Research Volume 6 Issue 3


Issue editors: Ric Allsopp & David Williams

ISBN: 978-0-415-26313

As new technologies enhance the ability to locate, identify and track movement, to fix and define (and ultimately devalue) who and where we are with global positioning systems, cctv surveillance, remote mapping, and credit profiles, so too it would seem there is a tendency for contemporary performance to displace itself from the conventional fixities of representation in time and space, and re-situate itself in the contingent, the indeterminate, the open, the fluid, where its explorations of instability, ephemerality and process allow us to re-situate ourselves as value. As performance migrates across surfaces and media, through boundaries and disciplines, moving from representation to transformation, so the new arts of navigation are concerned less with geographical than with informational uncertainties, less with affirmations of identity than with negotiations of difference. Continuing the theme of performance and its travels, Navigations explores what such moves and propositions might mean for a future of performance.

Editorial: Navigations

Ric Allsopp, David Williams

pp. 1 - 2

Dead Reckoning and Estimated Positions

Jorn Ebner

pp. 3 - 7


Tracey Warr

pp. 8 - 12

Totem [artist's pages]

Lone Twin

pp. 13 - 14

Being Centred

Stephen Muecke

pp. 15 - 22

Pearson/Brookes: Carrying Lyn [artist's page]

Mike Pearson, Paul Jeff

pp. 23 - 23

The Origin of Light [artist's pages]

Rudy Lemcke

pp. 24 - 29

Frankfurt Section: In the European Sphere: The international summer academy project, Frankfurt

Susanne Winnacker, Christine Peters

pp. 30 - 34

About Education

Hans-Thies Lehmann

pp. 35 - 37

In and Out of the City: Stefan Pucher's 'Cherry Orchard'

Gerald Siegmund

pp. 38 - 43

Ten Games [artist's pages]

Tim Etchells

pp. 44 - 45

Theatre Group STAN

Luk van den Dries

pp. 46 - 51

In Between: Time, space and image in cross-media performance

Georg Christoph, Tholen

pp. 52 - 60

Hypo-Critical Theatre: Hollandia's intermedial multiverse

Henk Oosterling

pp. 61 - 69

Totem [artist's pages]

Lone Twin

pp. 68 - 69

The Collaborative Subject: Telerobotic performance and identity

David Z. Saltz

pp. 70 - 83

Telesocial Navigation

George Grinsted, Chris Speed

pp. 84 - 88

Newlyn Lighthouse [artist's pages]

Rona Lee

pp. 89 - 92


Netochka Nezvanova,

pp. 93 - 97

Pages from Maerten Cool: notes and sketches [artist's pages]

Kevin Mount

pp. 98 - 103

Being Where? Managing the attention of the audience in Beppie Blankert's Double Track

Maaike Bleeker

pp. 104 - 112

Totem [artist's pages]

Lone Twin

pp. 111 - 112

Navigating the Currents: Interview with Basia Irland

David Williams

pp. 113 - 122

Reviews: Neighbourhood Navigation

Linda Cassens Stoian

pp. 123 - 125

Practical ad Modest: New virtues if feminist performance research

Rachel Fensham

pp. 126 - 133

Book Reviews

Duncan Campbell, David Williams

pp. 134 - 138

Notes on Contributors

pp. 139 - 141

CD-ROM Contents

pp. 142 - 142