Performance Research Volume 23 Issue 3

On Climates

Issue editors: Rachel Fensham, Eddie Paterson, & Paul Rae

ISSN: 1352-8165 (2018) 23:3

On Climates seeks to register the significance of environmental questions at this moment in time, while taking the opportunity to understand what performance thinking has to contribute to patterns of connection, relation and event formation. To think On Climates, is also to consider what it means to be in climates, to acknowledge how we are marked and situated by the effects of environments and atmospheres on our bodies, histories, and relationships with others. For this issue, we propose an expanded conception of climates: one that draws attention to local conditions – whether these might be cities, towns, oceans, theatres, parks, prisons, farms, and habitats. We foreground a continuing engagement with interlocutors from multiple perspectives that broadly address the question of climates such as: durations and atmospheres; performance events, climate change and theatre; political climates, and innovative intersections between science, performance transactions and embedded experiences in community actions, activist and art events.

Introduction : Micro-Climates

Rachel Fensham, Eddie Paterson, Paul Rae

pp. 1 - 5

Introduction : Climate reports


pp. 6 - 6

First Nations Politics in a Climate of Refusal : Speaking and listening but failing to hear

Helena Grehan

pp. 7 - 12

Extending a Hand/Lending an Ear

Rebecca Schneider, Paul Rae

pp. 13 - 24

Climate Report from The Philippines

Jazmin Badong Llana, Layeta Bucoy, Rommel Samarita

pp. 25 - 26

Life After Extinction : The participatory performances of Robyne Latham

Lara Stevens

pp. 27 - 36

Doing Food, Doing Climate : Spatula&Barcode’s Foodways projects

Laurie Beth Clark, Michael Peterson

pp. 37 - 46

Climate Report from Chile

Las Chinas, Sarita Galvez, Camila Marambio

pp. 47 - 47

Cultivating Survival with Maria Lucia Cruz Correia : Towards an ecology of agential realism

Christel Stalpaert

pp. 48 - 55

Climate Report from Uruguay

Mariana Meerhoff, Rafael Bernadi

pp. 56 - 58

Railtrack Songmaps [artist’s pages]

Lucy Davis, Migrant Ecologies Project

pp. 59 - 73

When Birds Speak with Humans : The present tense of shorebird migration

Barbara Campbell

pp. 74 - 79

Making Sense of Air : Choreography and climate in Calling Tree

Martin Welton

pp. 80 - 90

Climate Report from Canada

Fred Bird, Frances Westley

pp. 91 - 91

Performing Species Kinship and Strange Emotions

Peta Tait

pp. 92 - 99

Miasmatic Performance : Women and resilience in carceral climates

Molly McPhee

pp. 100 - 111

Climate Report from the United States

Sarah Bay-Cheng

pp. 112 - 112

Really Existing Ghosts : A spectral reading of Conor McPherson’s The Veil

Graham Wolfe

pp. 113 - 123

‘The Thin Air of Reality’ : Applause in the lecture theatre

Sarah Balkin

pp. 124 - 133

Climate Report from Australia

Richard Frankland

pp. 134 - 134

Change the World? Recent Writing on Theatre, the Environment, Ecology and Change [review]

Bree Hadley

pp. 135 - 136

Notes on Contributors

pp. 137 - 138