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Call For Reviews Editor

2 June 2023

The Performance Research journal seeks an incoming Reviews Editor, to begin in August/September 2023 for an initial three-year term. This is an opportunity to join a team of committed global scholars and artists invested in innovative and equitable publishing.

In particular, we seek a Reviews Editor who will be attentive to new trends in Performance Studies, uplift emergent voices in the field, value a diverse range of scholars, methods and topics and operate with a generously collegial attitude to support contributing scholars.


While the position is unpaid, it offers the post holder the opportunity to develop editorial skills re the curation and management of published work, to expand international networks of collaboration and collegiality with both select presses and contributing scholars, and to enhance experience for CV purposes. A free subscription to the journal is provided.


All are welcome to apply; no prior editorial experience is required as we will work with the new editor to ensure they are supported in the role.


About Performance Research: Since 1996, Performance Research has set a precedent that has become standard for thematic and cross-disciplinary ways of bringing together the varied materials of artistic and theoretical research in the expanded field of performance. Working closely with designers, artists, academics, theorists, performance practitioners and writers, Performance Research resists disconnected, disembodied and disinterested forms of scholarship. We prefer instead the possibilities of imagining the journal as a dynamic space of performance that produces inspiring conversations, unlikely connections and curious confluences. Our emphasis on contemporary performance arts within changing cultures and technologies is reflected in the interdisciplinary vision and international scope of the journal. Performance Research continues to combine writings and works for the page in an interplay of analysis, anecdote, polemic and criticism—interweaving the oblique with the conflicting, the pivotal with the resistant and the eclectic with the indispensable.


Reviews Editor responsibilities:

Performance Research is published eight times annually; for each issue, the Reviews Editor has full responsibility for initiating and curating the Reviews Section. As such, the Reviews Editor:

·         Monitors press catalogues and selects the works to be reviewed

·         Commissions reviewers for each review/receives submissions for reviews

·         Liaises with relevant presses to secure a review copy text for contributing reviewers

·         Supports first-time reviewers in shaping their submissions in terms of content and style

·         Liaises with the designated managing editor to support final revisions


Performance Research also wishes to take this opportunity to expand the scope of the reviews section to include, for example, performances, conferences and festivals in addition to publications.


Mentorship will be provided for those who seek guidance or support when beginning this role and on an ongoing basis.


If you are interested: Please email a cover letter expressing your interest and experience, along with a relevant CV, to Deputy Editor, Helena Grehan (  by 30 June 2023.  If you have questions about the role prior to submission, please don’t hesitate to reach out to the current Reviews Editor, Anna Jayne Kimmel (

Performance Archives

31 October 2018

Performance Archives: Recommendations by Performance Research contributors

Archives and archiving, in relation to performance, have been a concern and a passion of Performance Research since its inception, and its own archive, spanning twenty-five years, needs to be digitized and made accessible. In preparing the 100th issue PR wrote to all contributors inviting them to propose: 

'recommendations to specialist archives existing around the world that relate to performance (in its broadest sense). PR is keen to highlight less known, highly specialized, quirky and extra-ordinary performance archives. Perhaps an archive you have used or heard about, visited or discovered on the web - one that you would recommend to Performance Research readers and the wider community of performance research colleagues'.