Forthcoming issues

Volume 28 Issue 5

On Sadness

Issue editors: After Performance (Felipe Cervera, Alvin Eng Hui Lim, Ella Parry-Davies, Matthew Yoxall)
Publication date: 20 May 2024

This issue is edited by After Performance, a research collective formed in 2015. We invited authors to (re)consider the relationships between sadness and performance, in particular through complicating performance studies’ established focus on efficacy, action and change. We asked instead, how might sadness re-articulate performance as ‘bearing with’ rather than ‘moving on’? Contributions in the issue take up the encounters between performance and sadness, mourning, melancholia, grief, grievance and critical negativity, in particular as they are formed through experiences of race, queerness, disability, decoloniality and the precarity of artistic labour. Together, they explore what sadness makes thinkable or possible when mobilised as a theory or practice of performance.

Illustration of Performance Research Volume 28, issue 5 - On Sadness

Volume 28 Issue 6

On Habit

Issue editors: Frank Camilleri (University of Malta) and John-David Dewsbury
Publication date: 31 May 2024

This issue considers the role played by habit in performance practices and studies. In the rich connections between habits and performance in terms of repetition, enactment and embodiment, this volume contextualizes and balances the predominant view that habits are obstacles in restraining innovation and freedom in behaviour and imagination. Far from arresting creativity, the power of habit is in its stabilizing capacity that enables generative change in processes like training, composition (including devising and adaptation), directing, writing, rehearsing, performing and indeed living. The intimate links between habits and material environment are equally vital for the site-sensitive issues of staging, design and location.From the individual to the collective, from the source of certain actions to the implications of others, from aptitudes or skills to tendencies and inclinations, this issue delves into the nature of habits by engaging with a broader and more nuanced understanding of the processes, mechanisms and potentials involved.

Illustration of Performance Research Volume 28, issue 6 - On Habit

Volume 28 Issue 7

On Hunger

Issue editors: Laurie Beth Clark, Jazmin Llana and Michael Peterson
Publication date: 23 June 2024

How does performance studies understand hunger, as somatic experience, performative agency and socially produced cruelty? How can a performance approach help understand voluntary self-starvation and related phenomena? How can it critically engage with artistic representations of hunger? What creative interventions can be made in how hunger appears? Can it be engaged or deployed as well as represented? What can the arts contribute to hunger action?

Following the online Performance Studies international conference #27, ‘Hunger’, based in Manila, Philippines in July 2022, Performance Research and Global Performance Studies agreed to publish concurrent issues on the same theme. The two issues share introductory material and thematic organization; the main content is distinct yet conceptually connected. Both issues contain sections on Hunger Action, Self-Starvation, Representing Hunger, and Creative Interventions. Contents include material developed from conference presentations as well as substantial new work responding to the joint editors’ calls for submissions.

Illustration of Performance Research Volume 28, issue 7 - On Hunger