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Volume 25 Issue 8

Training Utopias

Issue editors: Felipe Cervera, Elizabeth de Roza and Michael Earley
Publication date: 15 August 2021

‘Training Utopias’ reflects on where the ideals of performance training have been subsumed in the first quarter of the twenty-first century. This is not a historical survey of training practices, but a look at the here and now of practice and praxis in different parts of the world and in different circumstances. The sudden arrival in our midst of COVID-19 has been a shock to the system. The ways that training of performers have been curtailed and our radically shifting distance from one another and audience is sounded here. The various writers included reflect, in part, on personal responses to training and loss during this pandemic—a phenomenon that is likely to continue through 2021 and possibly beyond. Etched in all the articles is the notion that utopias and communities of practice are all artificial constructs undermined over time and through dystopian unravellings

Illustration of Performance Research Volume 25, issue 8 - Training Utopias

Volume 26 Issue 1

On Hell

Issue editors: Geraint D’Arcy & Richard Gough
Publication date: 30 August 2021

‘On Hell’ is an opportunity to update the scenographic maps of performance technology. At one time, to think of stage technology was to consider the vertical axis of the stage: the open heavens above and the closed underworld of the stage hidden from an audience. In the contemporary theatre space, the diversification of theatrical forms through the twentieth century has witnessed the machinery of the unseen under stage area of the nineteenth-century western theatre vanish along with our sense of what it evokes.

This issue seeks to rediscover that technologized space as a place of historical and scenographic significance in the theatre and to address the relationship between the visible playing space of the contemporary stage with the technological, now that it is no longer hidden in the historical underworld of the theatre. It examines what is now invoked when those technologies emerge and become part of the action, and ponders if once summoned, can what is underneath a stage ever be banished?

Illustration of Performance Research Volume 26, issue 1 - On Hell

Volume 26 Issue 2

On Perception

Issue editors: Pil Hansen & Freya Vass
Publication date: 30 September 2021

‘On Perception’ raises questions about the perceptual strategies and effects of performance and their implications. The authors are motivated by the potential of performance to affect artists’ and audiences’ perceptual range and to re-sensitize us to connections between environment, human (inter)action and creative thinking. Drawing on varied theories of perception and its embodiment, the included studies derive from the fields of virtual reality design, landscape design, audio walks, theatre, dance, music, performance art, and literature. Topics highlighted include the ethics of proprioceptive manipulation, auditory and embodied attunement, (dis)embodied perception, psychedelic perception, sensory resistance, perceptual deterritorialization, discursive perceptual framing and the perceptual generation of communal Indigenous or Black identities. These topics are examined as effects of performance praxis and spectatorship, dramaturgical strategies or performative theories. Together, they explore, move through and reach beyond bodily and discursive constraints of perception to produce relational connections and enable imagination.

Illustration of Performance Research Volume 26, issue 2 - On Perception