Performance Research Volume 3 Issue 3

On Ritual

Issue editors: Günter Berghaus

ISBN: 978-0-415-18203

On Ritual will examine a range of performative practices from both the historical and contemporary repertoire. It will explore systematic connections between ritual and theatre, present the work of contemporary artists, and reflect on the role and meaning of ritual for theatrical purposes in the late twentieth century. The issue will also look at ritualism in the interstices of painting, music and theatre, the role of rituals for personal and social identity, and the antithesis of healing rituals and rituals of death.

Preface and Editorial

Claire MacDonald, Nick Kaye

pp. v - viii

Pseudographic Cinema: Asco's no-movies

C. Ondine Chavoya

pp. 1 - 15

Prepared Pages: The Voice of America

Alan Read

pp. 16 - 23

Art in America (The Dream): A conversation with Tania Bruguera

Johannes Birringer

pp. 24 - 31

Dance in Exile: The Latin American connection

Marion Kant

pp. 32 - 43

Cultural Transmissions: An interview with Xu Bing

Nick Kaye

pp. 44 - 51

Prepared Pages

Xu Bing

pp. 52 - 57

Habermas…Burroughs. Beckett…Foreman

Nicholas Zurbrugg

pp. 58 - 68

Prepared Pages: An Indian Act Shooting the Indian Act

Lawrence Paul Yuxweluptun

pp. 69 - 72

Subsoil on the Sidewalk: Julie Laffin and the Chicago Underground

Stephen Bottoms

pp. 73 - 81

Do We Have to Know Who We Do Theatre For?

Patrice Pavis

pp. 82 - 86

Missing Persons: Personal pronouns in performance writing

John Hall

pp. 87 - 90

The Fate of Performance

Hans-Thies Lehmann

pp. 91 - 94

Political Bodies

Claire MacDonald

pp. 95 - 96

Kathy Acker Remembered

pp. 96 - 96

Book Reviews

Jools Gilson

pp. 97 - 100

Archive Review

Claire MacDonald

pp. 101 - 102

Notes on Contributors

pp. 103 - 104