Performance Research Volume 16 Issue 4

On Philosophy & Participation

Issue editors: Laura Cull & Karoline Gritzner

ISBN: 978-0-415-556859

On Philosophy & Participation aims to instigate reflection and debate on the relationship between performance and philosophy from the perspective of the contested concept of ‘participation’. Through a combination of contributions from artists – such as Felix Barrett of Punchdrunk and Lone Twin – and scholars, the issue examines ways in which modes of participatory performance engage philosophical concepts and, vice versa, how various philosophical approaches to the theme of participation have engaged art and performance. Individual contributions, for example, foreground the shared concern with participation as a means to investigate the points of dialogue and dissonance between Merleau-Ponty and Felix Ruckert; Jean-Luc Nancy and Rimini Protokoll; Deleuze and Grotowski; Rancière and Boal; Adorno and Group Material, and much more.


Laura Cull, Karoline Gritzner

pp. 1 - 6

Practising Participation: A Conversation With Lone Twin

Carl Lavery, David Williams

pp. 7 - 14

The Arraignment Of Power: Augusto Boal And The Emergence Of The Radical Democratic Theatre Subject

Tony Fisher

pp. 15 - 26

Christoph Schlingensief And The Bad Spectacle

Theron Schmidt

pp. 27 - 33

Paradigms Of Participation: Wim Delvoye And Wafaa Bilal’s Tattooing Performances

Gabriella Calchi-Novati

pp. 34 - 45

Reaching Athens: Performing Participation And Community In Rimini Protokoll‚ Äôs Prometheus In Athens

Margherita Laera

pp. 46 - 51

Plural Intimacy In Micropublic Performances

Jon Sherman

pp. 52 - 61

Geoperformativity: Becoming, Performance And The World

David Fancy

pp. 62 - 72

Hovering Between Being And Non-Being: Nishidian Interexpression And The Fluxkit

Natasha Lushetich

pp. 73 - 79

Attention-Training: Immanence And Ontological Participation In Kaprow, Deleuze & Bergson

Laura Cull

pp. 80 - 91

Cultural Participation By Group Material: Between The Ontology And The History Of The Participatory Art Event

Adair Rounthwaite

pp. 92 - 96

Contagious Participation

Christopher Braddock

pp. 97 - 108

Form And Formlessness: Participation At The Limit

Karoline Gritzner

pp. 109 - 116

Participation As Ecstasis: Walking Out On Our Bodies

Eirini Nedelkopolou

pp. 117 - 123

From Pseudo-Activity To Critique: Adorno, Philosophy, Participation

Will Daddario

pp. 124 - 135

On Participation In Art: A Conversation With Alexander García Düttmann

Karoline Gritzner, Alexander García Dütmann

pp. 136 - 140

Notes On Contributors

pp. 141 - 142