Performance Research Volume 12 Issue 1

On Beckett

Issue editors: Catherine Laws

ISBN: 978-0-415-44158

Samuel Beckett would have been 100 years old in 2006, and his work continues to provoke creative and theoretical responses in all artistic fields. This influence is deeply rooted and widespread but often subtle and indirect. Furthermore, it can be equally productive to consider Beckett’s work in tandem with and through arts practices with which it has no obvious link. On Beckett traces the significance of Beckett’s figuring of other arts in his writing, and the attractions of even his ‘nondramatic’ texts to performance makers. It maps the Beckett-like undercurrents in contemporary practices and the myriad ways in which aspects of his work – the use of language, images, forms, patterns, sounds, movement, themes, processes, and ideas: any or all of these – continue to provoke artists into new actions.


Catherine Laws

pp. 1 - 4

Sounding Spaces: Aurality in Samuel Beckett, Janet Cardiff and Bruce Nauman

Derval Turbridy

pp. 5 - 11

Expanding Text

Miguel Silva

pp. 12 - 19

A Phantom in Contemporary European Choreography: What is Beckett doing to us dance-makers? Can we do something to him in return? Or, a series of realizations, three instances and an afterthought

Efrosini Patapapa

pp. 20 - 34

Some Slow Going: Considering Beckett and Goat Island

Sara Jane Bailes

pp. 35 - 49

ABQ - From Quad to Zero: Mathematical and choreographic processes - between number and not number

Alessandro Carboni

pp. 50 - 56

Mutated Bodies: Stage performances of Beckett's late prose texts by Mabou Mines (1984) and Gare St. Lazare Players, Ireland (2005)

Anna McMullan

pp. 57 - 65

Abject Bodies: Beckett, Orlan, Stelarc and the politics of contemporary performance

Kathy Smith

pp. 66 - 76

After the Fall: The performative art of Samuel Beckett and Bas Jan Ader [artist's pages]

Judith Wilkinson

pp. 77 - 85

Drawing on Beckett

Bill Prosser

pp. 86 - 93

Beckett and Warhol, Under the Eye of God

Simon Jones

pp. 94 - 102

There is a Table

Alan Reed

pp. 103 - 107

Texts for Nothing, But Cut-Up [artist's pages]

Nico Vassilakis

pp. 108 - 109

Performing Beckett as an Intercultural Actor

Víctor Manuel Ramírez Ladrón de Guevara

pp. 110 - 119

Drypoints June 2005/Beckett Moves [artist's pages]

Linda Karshan

pp. 120 - 123

Sam's Shambles: Beckett's piano-pedalling technique

Thomas Mansell

pp. 124 - 137

Beckett and Schubert

Noel Witts

pp. 138 - 144

For S.B' [artist's pages]

Andy Black

pp. 145 - 148

Notes on Contributors

pp. 149 - 150