Performance Research Volume 10 Issue 3

On Shakespeare

Issue editors: William Sherman & Peter Holland

ISBN: 978-0-415-37376

Emmanuel Levinas once wrote that all of philosophy is a meditation on Shakespeare. Can we ever think, write, or say anything – especially about performance – that is not ‘On Shakespeare’? Discuss. On Shakespeare will explore the ways in which the cultural presence of Shakespeare affects – or, equally importantly, might not affect – the theory and practice of performance. Shakespeare scholars will consider the ways in which we preserve and present Shakespearean performance, considering the practices of editors and the possibilities of the printed page as well as digital media. Contributors will also explore other artists’ relationships to Shakespeare – e.g., in the films and installations of Peter Greenaway, the jazz interpretations of Duke Ellington, or the modernist poetics of Louis Zukofsky. On Shakespeare will offer new approaches to the relationship between Shakespeare and performance, pursuing modes of writing and lines of enquiry that complement, extend, or speak back to mainstream Shakespeare scholarship.

Thinking through Technē

Mick Wallis

pp. 1 - 8


William H. Sherman, Peter Holland

pp. 2 - 3

Digitizing Performance History: Where do we go from here?

Christie Carson

pp. 4 - 17

Seeing, Studying, Performing: Bell's Edition of Shakespeare and performative reading

Stuart Sillars

pp. 18 - 27

When the forest moves'

Millie Chen

pp. 28 - 34

NecrOphelia: Death, femininity and the making of modern aesthetics

Magda Romanska

pp. 35 - 53

Pitfalls of Cinematic Aspiration: The reception of Peter Sellars's The Merchant of Venice

Richard Pettengill

pp. 54 - 64

De-basing Shakespeare: Henry X

Dan McCannell

pp. 65 - 73

A Shared Experience: Shakespeare and popular theatre

Stephen Purcell

pp. 74 - 84

Shakespeare Under the Skin

Anston Bosman

pp. 85 - 90

Brief Chronicles': Remembering Shakespearian performance

Jean Chothia, Michael Cordner, Michael Dobson

pp. 91 - 108

Book Review: Shakespeare and Performance

Sarah Werner

pp. 109 - 113

Whitney, Geoffrey' to 'Zukofsky, Louis': the ending of Louis Zukofsky's index to Bottom: On Shakespeare

pp. 114 - 114

Notes on Contributors

pp. 115 - 117