Performance Research Volume 24 Issue 1

On Song

Issue editors: Joan Mills & Ben Spatz

ISSN: 1352-8165 (2019) 24:1

What is a song? Where do the borders lie between song and music, voice, language, noise, sound, rhythm and melody? What are the powers and forces of song — material and otherwise — and what is it that allows song to so vastly exceed the sum of its constituent parts? Is there an indissoluble link between song and the human, or between song and life? From popular to esoteric, from laboratory to field, from notation to event, from birdsong to scream, from linguistics to taxidermy, from artificial intelligence to decolonization, On Song collects essays, arguments, and exemplars from a wide range of scholars and practitioners all working with song in unexpected, inventive, critical, passionate ways.

Editorial : ‘On song’

Ben Spatz, Joan Mills

pp. 1 - 6

Singing Our Place

Katrine Faber

pp. 7 - 16

Welcoming Voices : Memory, migration and music

Dominic Symonds

pp. 17 - 24

Striking a Chord : Dementia and song

Prabhjot Parmar, Nirmal Puwar

pp. 25 - 34

Fertile Fields [artist’s pages]

Enrico Dau Yang Wey

pp. 35 - 37

Disciplining the Scream : Third Theatre praxis and song-action in the work of Altamira Studio Theatre

Patrick Campbell

pp. 38 - 44

Gestural Song Form in Experimental Vocal Music

Gelsey Bell

pp. 45 - 52

Musicolinguistic Approaches to the Study of Song

Mahesh Radhakrishnan

pp. 53 - 57

Decolonizing the Mind Through Song : From Makeba to the Afropolitan present

Quintina Carter-Ényì, Aaron Carter-Ényì

pp. 58 - 65

Molecular Identities : Digital archives and decolonial judaism in a laboratory of song

Ben Spatz

pp. 66 - 79

What is a Song?

Gey Pin Ang, Massimiliano Balduzzi, Ditte Berkeley, Daniel Alexander Jones, Daniel Alexander Jones, M. Lamar, Samita Sinha

pp. 80 - 93

What is a Song? (cont.)

Tatyana Tenebaum, Ben Spatz

pp. 80 - 93

Bird Talking? Finding speechfulness in the songs of birds

Emma Bennett

pp. 94 - 103

Tending the Flame : ‘Tradition is tending the flame, it's not worshipping the ashes’

Sam Lee, Joan Mills

pp. 104 - 114

Dead Animals : Ontologies of recorded songs through the analogue of taxidermy

Johny Lamb

pp. 115 - 119

Everybody’s Song Making : Do-it-yourself with and against Artificial Intelligence

Sissi Liu

pp. 120 - 128

Notes on Contributors

pp. 129 - 130