Performance Research Volume 23 Issue 7

On Drifting

Issue editors: Carl Lavery, Marielle Pelissero, David Pinder

ISSN: 1352-8165 (2018) 23:7

‘On Drifting’ looks to return to and rethink the aesthetic and political implications of la dérive for theatre and performance studies and beyond. Originally posited as a technique by the Situationist International (SI) for overcoming the alienation imposed by the ‘society of the spectacle’, drifting today has a very different significance and application(s). In this issue, drifting is no longer simply equated with contemporary walking practices, although these are in no way ignored, especially in terms of gender, sexuality, immigration and able-bodiedness. Rather, it has been expanded to exist as an aesthetico-political category in its own right -- something, then, that is found in theatre, writing, reading, drawing, cinema and indeed language itself. Equally, drifting is no longer simply associated with humans -- now, it is configured as something non-human, an activity that animals, rocks and the earth itself are all engaged with permanently. In this expansion of the field, the ultimate aim behind the issue is to stimulate a new dialogue between theatre and performance studies and the SI, to see what happens when the drift is contextualized within the ‘control societies’ of the Anthropocene.

Rethinking the Dérive : Drifting and theatricality in theatre and performance studies

Carl Lavery

pp. 1 - 15

Drift Map World

Julia-Kristina Bauer

pp. 16 - 17

Transforming Cities : On the passage of Situationist dérive

David Pinder

pp. 18 - 28

Road Drift

Nicolas Whybrow

pp. 29 - 35

Drawing, Adrift : Bengaluru – Mumbai – St Ives

Cathy Turner

pp. 36 - 44

Where to build walls that protect us

Stephen Hodge

pp. 45 - 47

Walking Library for a Wild City

Deirdre (Dee) Heddon, Misha Myers

pp. 48 - 49

Radiant Futures

Laura Grace Ford

pp. 50 - 53

New York Drifters : Tehching Hsieh and David Wojnarowicz

Jack Parlett

pp. 54 - 62

Gender Drift : Testo Junkie, queer performativity and molecular becoming

Stephen Greer

pp. 63 - 71

To Drift, to Wave, to Waive

Marielle Pelissero

pp. 72 - 73

Drifting and Cruising

Glyn Davis

pp. 74 - 80

Drifting with Direction : Going astray in Jean Genet

Joanne Brueton

pp. 81 - 88

Queer Spiritual Drifting : Not at home in The Beguinage

Petra Kuppers

pp. 89 - 94

Drifting across the Border : On the radical potential of undocumented im/migrant activism in the US

Ana Milena Ribero

pp. 95 - 102

Invitation to Drift

Amy Sharrocks

pp. 103 - 104

Indexing the Drift

Bob Hardy

pp. 105 - 108

From Street to Screen : Debord’s drifting cinema

David Archibald, Carl Lavery

pp. 109 - 119

Louphole : Drifting with wolves

Simon Whitehead

pp. 120 - 121

Field Guides

Mike Pearson

pp. 122 - 126

Erratic Drift : notes towards human-geologicaldrifting

Minty Donald, Nick Millar

pp. 127 - 129

The Perturbations of Drift in a Stratified World

Deborah Dixon

pp. 130 - 135

Drift as a Planetary Phenomenon

Bronislaw Szerszynski

pp. 136 - 144

Notes on Contributors

pp. 145 - 146