Forthcoming issues

Volume 24 Issue 1

On Song

Issue editors: Joan Mills & Ben Spatz
Publication date: 30 April 2019

What is a song? Where do the borders lie between song and music, voice, language, noise, sound, rhythm and melody? What are the powers and forces of song — material and otherwise — and what is it that allows song to so vastly exceed the sum of its constituent parts? Is there an indissoluble link between song and the human, or between song and life? From popular to esoteric, from laboratory to field, from notation to event, from birdsong to scream, from linguistics to taxidermy, from artificial intelligence to decolonization, On Song collects essays, arguments, and exemplars from a wide range of scholars and practitioners all working with song in unexpected, inventive, critical, passionate ways.

Illustration of Performance Research Volume 24, issue 1 - On Song

Volume 24 Issue 2

On Ageing (& Beyond)

Issue editors: Richard Gough & Nanako Nakajima
Publication date: 15 May 2019

Age itself is a changing and performative variable. The twenty-first century is rejuvenating the biological and physical age, along with the social age, which is culturally bound. Bio-technology has developed to such an extent that it is now possible to create a new post-human who has control over birth and death as well as the process of ageing.

This issue explores creative ideas regarding ageing in the field of performing arts and at the level of discourse that considers ‘ageing’ as being performative. Through reflexive writing and artist pages this issue evidences performance work that embraces age and ageing (made by or with ‘senior’ artists) and speculates on the future of ageing bodies and ageing minds (wisdom, experience, frailty and forgetfulness) within creative endeavour and fragile ecologies: it illuminates alternative, private as well as global temporalities.

Illustration of Performance Research Volume 24, issue 2 - On Ageing (& Beyond)

Volume 24 Issue 3

On Mountains

Issue editors: Jonathan Pitches & David Shearing
Publication date: 31 May 2019

Mountains are places of ‘great cultural importance’, geographer Martin Price has observed. They are constantly being shaped by human hands, sometimes benignly and sometimes with permanent malignance. Culture plays an integral part in this process and has done for centuries, producing an extraordinarily varied gallery of mountain performances. On Mountainsdocuments some of this history. It explores how performance practice is making sense of mountains, celebrating the range of approaches being mobilized to do this thinking: from practice-research and phenomenological enquiry, to historiography, gender studies and performance analysis, and, in the case of a clutch of articles, wild speculation and thought experimentation. In artist pages, discursive writing and richly illustrated photo essays, this issue centres on performance makers’ and scholars’ capacity to reflect on, intervene in and translate the complexity of mountain environments, drawing on vivid examples from India, China, the UK, the United States and Europe.

Illustration of Performance Research Volume 24, issue 3 - On Mountains