Forthcoming issues

Volume 22 Issue 6

On Taste

Issue editors: Joshua Abrams & Richard Gough
Publication date: 28 February 2018

Taking as a challenge the proverb that there is no disputing about taste, ‘De gustibus non est disputandum’, On Taste brings together a variety of contributors to examine notions of gustatory taste in relation to performance and performativity. Ranging across historical cookbooks, contemporary performance art, home cooking and restaurant dining as well as across varied cultures from throughout the world, the articles in this issue upend relationships of the aesthetics of sense and sensibility, as a means of understanding varying practices through embodied cognition, asking questions about what epistemologies of understanding might gain from a serious contemplation of taste as and in performance.

Illustration of Performance Research Volume 22, issue 6 - On Taste

Volume 22 Issue 7

Under the Influence

Issue editors: Jim Drobnick
Publication date: 15 March 2018

Being “under the influence” conveys contradictory meanings. While designating impairment, it also connotes the unleashing of creative inspiration. Such a contrast is typical of the discourse on drugs, which in different contexts can bring about liberatory, therapeutic, spiritual or deleterious effects. This special issue explores how performance mobilizes intoxication and altered states. How do narcotics, psychedelics, and other stimulants destabilize the norms of theatricality? What impact does inebriation or addiction have on notions of artistic agency and ethics? Featuring perspectives from historians, critics and practitioners, this issue stakes out the multifaceted ways that artists have responded to drugs and addressed their socio-political implications.

Illustration of Performance Research Volume 22, issue 7 - Under the Influence

Volume 22 Issue 8

On Leftovers

Issue editors: Susanne Foellmer & Richard Gough
Publication date: 30 March 2018

This issue asks about the consequences and specific modalities of leftovers in the performing and visual arts as well as in broader cultural and social contexts: What is the status of leftovers when, for example, being on display or being distributed otherwise after a performance? To what extent do they ‘help’ or rather ‘betray’ the attempts to write performing art’s history? What kind of impact does the integration of debris as art’s material have on the conception and reception of the artwork as such? And in what ways does a certain performative quality apply when it comes to the arrangement of leftovers other than working with ‘unused’ and ‘fresh’ material? What about the politicality of integrating leftovers into ‘newly’ done work? And how does the value of leftovers change when reintegrated into the consumer’s society? Those reflections also imply more general questions about the cultural status and value of leftovers in the social and political realm.

Illustration of Performance Research Volume 22, issue 8 - On Leftovers